Monday, March 15, 2010

Still More On Being Here

Because I joined the blogosphere to be part of a conversation, and wrote my own thoughts out, I struggle with the ego that goes along with that kind of mentality.

I want to hear your voices, and have sometimes asked for your opinions, and if I knew how I would shout for them from time to time.

The reality is I need to hear them, not so much for affirmation, or dissent, but simply as a way of engaging my own thoughts. I am a dialectic learner, and crave the discourse to comprehend my own thoughts. Most people would even say that I need other people just so I can take the time to clarify my thoughts through refining the dialogue matrix.

Funny, how that came to be this morning's understanding, as I wrote on a fellow blogger's post about what kind of reading I seek most.

The flip side of this is that because of Facebook and Twitter, and the more frequent response value I gain there, I am finding myself drawn with my time and my posts, of questions, comments, and insights to those media, and leaving this for those things that need the larger space of working out my thoughts (and some might say my salvation) with fear and trembling.




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