Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I Got Involved

When I started blogging, it was most notably for myself. I wanted to be able to document my journey, for myself, and for others. I knew I had things I wanted to remember, and scribble down, but found I never returned to my notes for much more than once every 10 years. But with type, I could have it easily accessible, and searchable, and I would remember it better, because it came from me, rather than my rambling scribbles of someone else's monologue from a class.

But, that alone could have been achieved through a random missive email, or keeping some sort of journal, to be published later (even if I kept it as a Word Document, or series thereof). There was something else. I had people I watched, and listened to through their blogs. I wanted to have a touchpad of my own to share and springboard ideas.

You see, I had this breakthrough the other night watching House. My wife had commented that I always seem to ask for more than one opinion on topics. I was sitting there watching House, and remembered a comment Cuddy had made to House some episodes before. She remarked that he needed the other people on his team to help filter his own thinking, and bounce ideas off. I need the same thing. Since I am a borderline introvert/extrovert I tend to do this in two ways, through conversations in person, and conversations online.

I have to say, it is one of the reasons I engage in Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs, Buzz, MySpace and more. I use it to develop, create and discern ideas, as well as offer what little wisdom or hope I might have to another. A confounding thought, especially when paired with the reality that at this moment "Theology after Google" is currently happening at Claremont School of Theology, and I am not there. Seems like that would have been the right place, looking to the future of community, and theology.

Then again I am also missing my Lectionary Study Group, at Aldersgate Retreat Center in Pacific Palisades, where I gain much of the same, but with a greater emphasis on the traditions and past of theology, to speak to the present moment. (And by the way, the Hospitali-TEA is awesome!!!)

I miss them both. Maybe that's why I am stuck here banging these thoughts out on the computer keyboard, rather than bouncing them around with those wonderful folks. Thank goodness for those who have engaged me from this vantage point this week.

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At March 11, 2010, Blogger gavin richardson said...

the google event is at least streamed some at the homebrewed christianity ustream channel. so can check out a bit there. &;~)

At March 13, 2010, Blogger johnsue said...

Interesting observation that I thought you were doing less blogging this week. Has the Aldersgate group disbanded or are you just still working on R & R? I've been reevaluating whether or not I spend too much time online...but I do enjoy encouraging others through their blogs and I like viewing updates on topics/organizations I support... of course, my favorite blogs & photos are those of my kids and grandkids and those keep me going. Keep on keepin' on brother! Love you, son! Hugs, mom


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