Sunday, December 13, 2009


For years I have had the constitution of a horse/ox/name your well-conditioned animal without malady. I have taken all of two days off for sickness in the past 15 years. I will cop to taking about 10 "mental health" days during that same time.

I suppose it would only be fair to mention that I have probably been sick-at-work for about 10 days as well. But, for me, it was working sick. Not really enough to knock me down.

Today, however, I had to push myself through the worship services, grateful that the Christmas play with the youth and children was the keynote for St. Andrew UMC. It was not quite as daunting.

I did have to bow out of leading youth group tonight. I had hoped to avoid the nasal suffering of my wife and child. This did not happen, and now I sit wearied, and trying to get the heavy duty sniffles under control.

So, now, I bid you goodnight, and God rest.


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