Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting out of the Way Pt. 2

I just wanted to add this bit from the UM Portal:

I remember one such type of gathering as part of VBS one year at Santa Barbara FUMC. While the children were all off doing their VBS thing, the adults had a regular Wednesday night Bible Study, and the Youth Group met every week on Tuesday. THis week, we all came Monday-Thursday for study and something along the lines of the regular discussion fused with VBS materials.

However, for Wednesday night, both the adult Bible study and the youth group met in the Asbury Room and shared what it was like to have been through milestone moments in our lives, like getting our driver's license, first date, etc. And then we compared notes on where we wanted to see the church go in the future.

Helpful and encouraging times. It is that kind of intergenerational interaction I want to be building into the first service at St. Andrew UMC. I have found that the best way to keep children and youth in the church when they are old enough to decide for themselves is to involve them in church from the outset, rather than shuffle them off into separate quarters before or part-way through the service.

Maybe we can make it work. My sermons may take some more energy and some better prep to be engaging for all. But, be it known here and now - I take my cues from Hope UMC in Torrance that proudly proclaims "Noisy Children Welcome"

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