Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adult Soccer in Santa Maria

I have been doing some scouting in Santa Maria for a league like the Inland Empire Soccer League I played in living in San Bernardino. I have called City Recreation and Parks Department and the YMCA. I have checked in with the local soccer shops. The story is that there are leagues, played on Sundays, with an Indoor Soccer League at the YMCA.

I have two problems with these leagues. The first is obvious, with Sunday playing dates, beginning at 8AM and running until 4PM, I am pretty much a no-go for at least half the season since I am leading church services. The second is that these leagues are all team sign-up based.

I am wondering if a league for Adults, not unlike AYSO, where everyone plays, teams are drawn up from the individuals signed up, and the fee includes jerseys, and referees might fly in Santa Maria. I have emailed both the YMCA director of athletics, and the City Recreation and Parks Department head to see if I might work with them in organizing such a league.

Here's to hoping. Mid-week adult soccer can work, and the diversity of players might surprise many.


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At August 16, 2009, Blogger johnsue said...

Hey! Remember the educators! Perhaps one of the college/JC/ROP groups would have folks interested... worth contacting them anyway. Hope it works out for's a little far for me to compute :-) xoxoox

At August 25, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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