Monday, February 09, 2009

Even the Best

I am a fan of sports. Which is not a surprise to anyone.

I love basketball, and have enjoyed Mark Cuban's blog for a few years now.

What caused a stir in my mind the other day was Mark's post about Stats.

I know how much I deal with stats in the church, for Church Conference, for Annual Conference, for trends, and for Salary Analysis. What caught my attention was that Mark Cuban (who really made it with his work in the dot com boom) had some of the same problems I have had in blogging.

His post didn't fit the formatting provided in the template. Can I tell you what a relief and a new appreciation I have. The relief is that even with his background and resources, it didn't fit. The new appreciation is the reminder that even Mark Cuban is like many of us.

Now - for the church context.
Sometimes we do the same thing with Pastors, Evangelists and Bishops (District Superintendents). We need to be reminded that they too are normal everyday people, who sometimes can't pull off the superhuman, despite our reputations. But, the one thing we do need to remember is that like Mark Cuban, they got there because they were able to do their jobs well, and took advantage of God's nudges.




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