Thursday, November 20, 2008

Link Love

First of all:

Blog Comment Day is December 3. Thanks to John Smulo

Allan Bevere says Pastoral Silence is Golden. I agree.

Landon Donovan is headed to Germany to play with Bayern Munich. I love US players abroad.

Todd Hiestand blogged financial planning from David Briggs. The Comment about budgeting making me feel trapped and really it sets us free sounds a little like Paul.

Is there a future for leadership and leaders? GBOD tackles the concern.

Young clergy in big senior ministers. Joseph Yoo imagines a UMC culture friendly to younger clergy in its language of "change". Bishop Willimon challenges the church in this move to change.

As a Certified Christian Educator and member of Christian Educators Fellowship, I am intrigued at this article about when "Christian Education Doesn't".

And one of the great "big men" of all time passed away this week. We will miss you Coach.


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