Thursday, March 02, 2006

Devotional for today

Being Salt

I had a date a couple years back where the girl was really cool and I wanted to get to know her better. I had a house where I lived with several roommates and we all did different entertaining at the house from time to time. I like to cook, especially when it is for more than just me. Plus I thought I might be able to impress this girl along the way. She is the type that I wanted to talk to a little bit more than usual and she also likes to cook, so we worked it out such that she would come over and fix dinner together.
We made rolls and some pasta roni type stuff. I also prepared a cheesecake before she got there. I figured this would be the thing to do. She brought a salad and we considered it a fair trade. We made everything well and it tasted excellent.
Dinner went well with good conversation and I got dessert out and cut pieces for each of us. She was still eating some of her salad so I started in on my dessert. Boy am I thankful that I was the first one to take a bite of that cheesecake. I had used salt instead of sugar in the crust. The cheesecake part was fine and we ate that. But boy was the crust bitter.
Because we didn’t all have the same ingredients among everybody in the house, I grabbed someone else’s container of salt. I thought it was sugar and failed to taste it before I put it in the recipe. Oh well, she and I laughed about the incident and are still talking.
Salt is an important ingredient and Jesus shares a message of Salt with us in Matthew. I give you two sayings about salt and a conclusion that I drew from these two sayings. How does your life reflect the message of salt that finds its way into everything (including cheesecake).

Old Chinese proverb: Tale everything with a grain of salt.
Matt 5:13-16: We as Christians are the salt of the earth.
Therefore: we as Christians should be taken with everything


At March 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! David, I also dated you in college and reading your devotionals really brought me back to what an inspiration you are. It blessed me so much to read that you are happy and still have such a wonderful heart for God and His Word. It was so ironic that someone would tell me about this site and find you here. I am no longer a Methodist, but the truth of the Word is the Truth all the same. God Bless!!!



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