Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bold Goals

Thinking about missional engagement recently, and we have a dashboard worth of goals from the denomination, but I kept thinking about making it more concrete for some of the basic principles I understand about Discipleship.

What about Bold Goals?:

-That everyone in the congregation would reaffirm their membership vows.
-That everyone would bring one friend to church during the next year, and then take some time to listen to the other person’s evaluation
-That every member of the church share three other people they will commit to visiting this coming year
-That every member participate in a Bible Study during the next year, and lead one in the next 5.

-That every person in the church would, within the next 3 years (that works out to a chapter a day), read the entire Bible.-That every member commit to praying for this church, the pastor, the United Methodist Church, Santa Maria/Orcutt, and at least 3 other people for 5 minutes each day.
- To faithfully engage in at least one local Mission Area ministry with an extra mile gift, or participation in time.
- to establish at least one way to tangibly show each of the fruits of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Gentleness and Self-control; then to show each at least once a week.
-To fast for 24 hours at least once this year (barring medical reasons)
-To share at a non-church function one or more meals with one other non-family church member this year
-To surprise another church person from your church, from a distinctly different age bracket than your own, with a generous act of kindness


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