Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thoughts for today

I started blogging several years ago, at first to connect to other bloggers, then to provide a digital storage space for some of my thoughts, and those ideas that captured my mind.

I moved to MySpace, Orkut and Facebook to expand the connections I had made through the blog and with various chat board friends.

Twitter caught my attention again to connect and branch out in thoughts that weren't quite as deep or refined as I wanted in a blog.

I live my life in a world where connection is the key. As a pastor, we have to connect to the individual and connect to the divine and try to make sense of both in a world that is even more connected and disjointed at the same time.

I wonder what happened to my personal reflection time in the midst of this, and family life, and see the growing need to take a digital hiatus, and disconnect, so that I can be more energetic in each of these other pursuits.

I ask, then, for your prayers as I try to reach the finish line of some immediate projects so that the time of disconnect can be more effective. Pray also for that time when I do disconnect that I can stay disconnected for long enough to recharge.

The irony of it all is that to charge our digital power sources we have to charge them by connecting, and to charge my personal power source I need to disconnect.


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