Tuesday, April 04, 2006

in the rain

Soccer is on for tonight. How that happened I am not certain. They have cancelled the games for little more than the threat of rain in the past. I suspect that the crew has to finish the season before the next season of whatever sport begins at that location. So time is now on the players' side. The real bummer is that in the rain the best part of the game is sliding about and the league doesn't allow slide tackles. Of course if you are the goalie then you can take folks on, and I may well do that, just so that I can go sliding around in the HUGE box that is about 8'x10'.
Last night soccer was a real bummer. We played hard and got thrown out of game with all the fouls the other team was laying on us. Then the fact they argued each call really made it tough for us. We went down badly at half 6-3 and fought hard in the second half to see what we could do to equalize. The bad news was that the game was taken from us by the ref, who had been giving us all these penalty chances (though no penalty shots). He gave the other team a "bonus goal" in the second half. Noone scored it, and he couldn't really account for it, and so the four goals we had to "tie" the game were rendered null and void by a referee error. That hurts. We play the same team next week. We have got to get off our butts earlier in the game.
That's it for the soccer post.


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