Sunday, February 04, 2007

Work or Vocation

Isaiah and Luke both bring us stories that show us the difference between work and vocation.

But, for reference let us begin by giving some definitions of work and vocation.


-A job

-Requires skills

-End is to pay the bills


-A call

-Requires spiritual gifts

-End is to glorify God

Vocation requires repentance. We have to remove the blocks that we put between us and God. There is the vocal repentance and the silent repentance, both are acceptable to God. But the reality of repentance is seen in our actions. Our actions that follow repentance, are the Means of Grace.

Works of Piety:


-Public Worship

-The Lord's Supper

-Reading scripture

Works of Mercy:

-Feed the hungry

-Clothe the naked

-Heal the sick

-Care for the ailing

-Visit those who cannot attend (prison, infirm)

-Shelter those in need

-Welcome the stranger (means going out to-cf. Martha when Lazarus has died, the Prodigal Father)

God equips us to do our vocation, and may or may not depend upon our skills to do so.

Vocation is not easy (Isaiah is sent to do the impossible, and the fishermen have a haul that is too large to pull in on their own). God must prepare us, and it is the very reason we must repent, so that the things that separate us from God do not deter us from the work ahead.

We can do one, both or neither, but the best is when our work follows our vocation.


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