Thursday, October 21, 2010


After spending some time reviewing my draft of a stewardship letter to the church, I discovered helpful thoughts in my musing.

Here are the learnings and benchmarks of St. Andrew for 2009-2010.

We want to tell a story of success, so we are looking at the theme developed this year: “One More”. My hope is that we will carry the momentum of “One More” into 2012 and beyond, with our commitment to giving for 2011.

What we have done to demonstrate “One More” in the ministry of the church this year is:
-One More Girl Scout Troop and One More Boy Scout Program have been offered sponsorship by the church

-One More Eagle Scout has come through the ranks, and contributed to the aesthetic life along the side of the church property with a Horseshoe Pit, and enhanced Cross Space.

-One More area of the church is being used on a regular basis as the Orcutt Youth Football League Cheerleaders and the Orcutt Youth Soccer League are each using the front lawn as practice area.

-One More Youth Group has developed and graduated leaders into the world, and the church as Zach Thomas, Micaela Stewart and Peter Limich all celebrated with us this year.

-One More cost saving program was put into place as we changed the lights throughout the buildings with energy saving bulbs (and Oh! What a difference in the Sanctuary!)

-One More year shared together in ministry has begun as Pastor David Camphouse was reappointed for 2010-2011 and has requested to stay for another year.

-One More successful and life changing year of Camp and Sierra Service Project have been completed and celebrated with Camp Sunday, led by our amazing and dynamic youth.

-One More class of 4 year-olds has graduated from Happy Hollow Preschool (24 students in all) as we have continued to enhance our reputation of outstanding preschool care in Orcutt.

-One More community outreach program has led to an amazing set of authors from Santa Maria Valley sharing their talents in an Author Book Signing in November.

-One More class of new members have joined the church, as we reaffirmed our vows to uphold the church with our Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness.

-One More saint has celebrated the life triumphant as we remember several members, friends and former members who have passed away this year.

-One More person is helped with groceries per month through the food bags you all provide the first Sunday of the month.

-One More person (actually more than 6 people) shared the testimony of faith inspired by the relationship with Jesus Christ fostered by St. Andrew UMC and the people of this place.

-One More play area for our preschoolers has been expanded and enhanced with grass, and play space.

-One More person decided to pledge this year than last year (we had 5 more pledges this year than last)

-One More Choir Director has taken leadership as the choir transitioned from Meredith Worsham Brough to Bill Woods

-One More plant was planted (by no fewer than 12 people each) beautifying our church property.

-One More sign has been added to tell of our service times along Bradley Rd.

-One More leaf has been added to the Giving Tree, honoring the gifts of those who have given to the long-term financial health of the church.

-One More small group was added with the beginning of the Covenant Disciple Program.

-One More study was conducted as we have added a prayer study between services.

-One More fellowship time has been strengthened as we created the “Breakfast with the Bells” on the second Sunday of the month between services.

-One More person added to the devotional life of St. Andrew UMC as more than a dozen of you have created Advent Devotionals for 2010.

-One More infant baptism celebrated in the congregational life of St. Andrew UMC

-One More aid ministry created with the Disability Closet

We have succeeded in providing One More opportunity for so many. We enter 2011 seeking to offer One More person comfort in a trying world; One More transformation of life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ; One More ministry of fellowship to strengthen and encourage the saints; One More person committed to reading the Bible and praying faithfully; One More profession of faith and baptism; One More person helping in service as an usher, sound tech, greeter or acolyte.