Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purpose Statements

I have now gone through the Mission and Visioning process with a couple of churches, helping to formulate what our mission and vision are.

I realize now, that the next phase of that seems to be a purpose statement.
I am aware that many folks regularly get these confused and depending on the context they are sometimes interchanged.

For my current setting I am thinking of it this way.

A Vision is what we want to be;
A Mission is how we do that;
A Purpose is why we do it (for what reason).

Now back to your regular musings...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Planning for a 50th @SMSAUMC

Long-Range Thinking

The 50th Anniversary of St. Andrew UMC is coming up. Our first service was October 14th, 1962. Our first members were received November 4, 1962. Our official Charter was created January 20, 1963. One of the amazing things about 2012 and 2013 is that we will be able to celebrate those dates exactly as the 50th anniversaries, since the Sundays coincide.

We are already working on getting in touch with former pastors, and clergy leaders of St. Andrew. We have begun to share the story of the ministry of St. Andrew, in the members received, baptisms offered, confirmands confirmed, budgeted dollars, Endowment Giving, and Dedicated Gifts. We have at least 8 Charter members still on the books, Millie and H.G. Riewald, Marvin and Luella Snyder, Dean and Joyce Nelson,, Marvin Adams, and Paige Gerber. (If there are others I missed, please let me know - and I apologize in advance for any oversights) Each of these persons are still involved in the life of St. Andrew, and we are seeking to be in touch with persons who have also been involved with the life of St. Andrew over these past 50 years. We would like to locate as many of the Charter Members as possible.

I have provided a list here of the charter members. I am aware that some of them have passed away, and gone to be with our Father in Heaven, but would welcome any news or word you have about any of the persons listed here. This is all part of the story of St. Andrew. If you know the whereabouts of any of these persons, living or deceased, please pass that information on the Church office.

Original Membership Records
Brown, Elsie
Brown, Charles
Turben, Ann
Turben, Carrol
Shiveley, Vivian
Shively, Jack
York, Marjorie
Burmstead, Dorothy
Patterson, Barbara
Patterson, Robert
Day, Trula
Day, Robert
Day, Linda
Lyons, Ann
Lyons, Rex
Lyons, Pamela
Plunkett, Woodrow
Cox, Leslie
Cox, Phyllis
Hesser, George
Hesser, Yola
Grisso, Roy
Grisso, Jeannetta
Pope, Kenneth
Riewald, Mildred
Godfrey, Forrest
Godfrey, Rita
Hixson, Margaret
Baker, Gene
Baker, Kay
Drace, Charles (Sr.)
Drace, Richard
Davis, Richard S.
Davis, Georgia
Hixon, Larry
Hixon, Phyllis
Hughes, Jesse
Hughes, Sue
Nelson, D. Dean
Nelson, Joyce
Reid, Donald
Reid, Dorothy (Dottie)
Sweeney, Edgar
Sweeney, Jean
Winstead, Marlene
Hass, Richard
Hass, Dolores
Enos, Edward
Enos, Mary
Bedrick, Agatha
Enos, Susan
Enos, Mark
York, Paul
York, Lucille
Wise, Fred
Wise, Betty
Drace, Charles, Jr.
Nelms, John
Nelms, June
Adams, Marvin C.
Adams, Ella V.
Adams, Marvin F.
Drace, Glatha
Read, William T.
Read, Billie (Mrs.)
White, Ralph
White, Eleanor
White, Ron
Lee, Patricia
Lee, Donna
Rieshal, Marilyn
York, T. N.
York, Monti (Mrs.)
Harlan, Gilbert
Harlan, Holly
Kemp, Emo9ry, Lee
Spears, Shirley Maria
Honeycutt, Everett C.
Honeycutt, Alma
Honeycutt, Elaina
Honeycutt, Carol
Hynard, Donald
Hynard, Marilyn
Hynard, Donna
Thomas, Marguerite
Riewald, H. G.
Richardson, Harold (Buck)
Richardson, Donna
Swanson, Mrs. Jenn
Bennett, Mrs. Maura
York, Kay
Snyder, Marvin
Snyder, Luella
Thomas, Mr. Marinn
DeGeus, A. J. (Tony)
DeGeus, Iowa (Mrs.)
DeGeus, Andy
Honeycutt, William B.
Honeycutt, Linda
Richards, A. W. (Gus)
Richards, Jeannette
Richards, Charles (Chuck)
MacLean, Mrs. Grace
Hopkins, Annesley
Hopkins, Louise
Hopkins, Melinda
Hopkins, Pat

David Camphouse

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Youth News @SMSAUMC

Youth News

Several major youth events are happening this summer, with Sierra Service Project in Downtown LA for our Sr. High Youth, as part of an urban rebuild; and Coarsegold, CA working with the Native American tribe there as part of a Jr. High work team.
Brad Jones has faithfully headed this ministry as St. Andrew for many years now, and will be leading the youth in their endeavors.

District Camp will be happening again this year. Our Elementary Camp has already concluded at Camp Wrightwood, the week of June 19-26. Jr High and Sr High Youth will be participating at Camp Wrightwood as well July 3-9, with both camps living in the same spaces, and sharing program and special events, even as each age group will be clustered together for lodging and small group study.

Youth 2011 is a major national event for Youth put on by the General Board of Discipleship, Youth Division. This year, they have taken a big step and located in two places, for Purdue University and in Sacramento. Again, we will have youth participating in this event, and have found ways to partner with Reseda UMC and Simi Valley UMC as they too are sending youth and leaders to this great event, of worship, study, small groups and development of the church as lived out among our youth and the leaders who support them.