Monday, December 31, 2007

End of year

Trying to unwind today from a year of a lot of stress.
Anna's taken Medical Leave in May, and will be looking for a new church next time around.
I have let it be known that I am willing to move to aid in the process of finding the best appointment situations for both Anna and I. This makes for some interesting days ahead, and some great adventures too.
This means that with some moving days done, we also have a houseful or two of "stuff"-kitchen stuff, linens, media (tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs) and especially furniture to try and sort through.
I think we have enough tea, coffee and cocoa to have one cup of one or the other for every meal, morning tea, afternoon tea and a cup before bed and still not use it all by the end of the year without bursting our bladders.
In many ways even though we were married with a household and a half, since Anna was coming straight from School to marriage, we were in two locations for much of our appointments since with a house in San Bernardino and one in Ontario. We both settled in and accumulated stuff to fill the spaces, house visiting family and friends, and maintain daily life with cooking, etc.
I have definitely taken it harder than Anna has with an increasing desire to scrap it all and start over from scratch. I have never had trouble accumulating and finding everything from kitchen stuff to furniture and linens from folks who were generous or willing to part with things cheaply, and so I think that definitely plays into the equation.
I have also had to start over with my computer. When it died in November I lost all of my sermon notes, planning for 2008, countless other links and data, let alone the stuff I backed up but do not have the right tools to open just yet with the new computer. This makes for some very frustrating days trying to scavenge emails and other backup locations to gather whatever I can of my "former life". This doesn't count the three screw ups the folks who I bought my computer from made in trying to get it ready for me. However, they were always kind, helpful and were patient with me as I lost my first hard drive and motherboard. They also did some care and maintenance for another computer or two just out the of the goodness of their hearts.
There is still some work yet to do at Del Rosa UMC, as we try to find chairpersons for committees that have been quiet for some time, and others where we went forward with nominations without a chair at Charge Conference, which was okay, but leaves a void I would like to have filled.

May you leave 2007 with work unfinished that you may move greatly into 2008 with momentum and drive.


Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hello old friends.
I hope you are still out there. I lost my computer and I have found a new love. A Fujitsu (excuse me) Lifebook. Does this mean I finally have a life again?
I had Vista installed on the computer and now I am trying to figure out what I had on my old computer and how to get them onto this computer or whether it is necessary.
I am now taking solicitations for "necessary downloads"
So far, it has been Picasa, Firefox, Adobe Reader, and I am not sure what else.
Of course, I also have to rebuild all my links and such, which means that I am also soliciting functional and necessary websites for ministry and entertainment.
I have got the old standards up, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and Google. Next for tomorrow is, and whatever input you all have to offer a wayward person who failed to do enough backup of his information.
Thank God and coders for the power of the internet and the ability to retrieve from email on Google and Yahoo, rather than the misfortune of losing everything once it is an email downloaded to my computer with the likes of Outlook.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


No, I am not dead, though I have definitely lost an important member of my family recently...

My Computer died. I started having trouble keeping power going the past couple of months (dummy me didn't back up enough of my stuff to make it worthwhile, though current documents have been emailed of long-term who knows).

My computer has had these problems before and the Dell Inspiron 5150 seems to have a reputation for the power input attached to the motherboard cutting out. The answer is usually to reinstall the power input (not to be confused with the power cord) with new sauter and get back up and running.

Unfortunately this time life was not so kind. The motherboard crapped out completely and the time has come to buy new computer. This one was the church's and it was also the first time I have ever not had my own computer at home with a computer at work. So I have got to figure out if I am going to get a new computer for myself in the process.

So, I apologize for not blogging of late. I haven't given up, just found myself with some serious lack of access and comfort in blogging. I shall see what I can draw up later. But, then it is Advent now too. We'll see what shakes out.