Thursday, November 01, 2007


I heard from a parishioner this morning that she had dreamed of me last night.

This intrigued me, and as I listened more I became to discernment.

Several of us were out on a hike. I had my hiking gear on and we were cruising along. As we began to head up the trail we came to a place where there was a very large peak ahead of us. At that time I stated that I was not to go to the top of that peak. Someone in the group asked why, and I answered that I did not know why, just that I was not to go up that peak.

Interesting to me was that I did not tell the rest of the group that they were not to go to the top of the peak, just that I was not to go on to the peak.

She also shared with me, that whatever I was planning on doing I ought not to do. This makes for some very interesting dilemmas at the moment.

-What is the peak?
-Who is the group I am taking hiking?
-Why do I know I should not go?